About me

Ingenious, unique, creative, inspiring and humorous. Those are the words I get back from people when I ask how they would describe me. Ingenious, because I quickly review the situation and then immediately look for a solution. Either  on a social level, with repairing and making furniture or other stuff. Unique, because I have my own style. I always try to distinguish myself from the rest. My creativity is shown, among other things, by the fact that I enjoy thinking outside the existing frameworks. Furthermore, others describe me as an inspiring person, because I always try to get my inspiration from my immediate environment. Finally, my sense of humor contributes to a positive look on life and work.

In 2014 I started at the Hout en Meubilerings College (HMC) in Amsterdam. In 2018 I graduated as an furniture maker. I graduated with my masterpiece the harp(picture on the right). Currently I am working on putting myself on the market as an independent furniture maker/ harpbuilder.